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How to Order

Please take a look at our range of beds, all made here at Collars 'R' Us.

You can choose from any of the fabrics at the bottom of the page or choose from our wide range of fleece fabrics

For the dog who loves to burrow

This measures 39" wide by 28" deep and can comfortably fit two small dogs in. 

We can make these larger or smaller to order.

Made from quality fabric and lined with fleece

Whippet size as shown below - price - £37.50 + p&p

Cozy Sax

Snuggle Bed

Introducing another of our latest additions to our bedding range. 

The Duvet Filled Cozy Snuggler is a sack type bed with a thick removable duvet in the base. The bed is designed with a pillow at the front for easy access so your dog can nose their way in. 

The bed can made from upholstery weight fabric or fleece and has a soft and luxurious sherpa fleece lining. The base of the bed can be opened up and the thick duvet removed.  The bed and duvet can then be washed.  
Your dog can choose whether to lay on the top of the bed, or snuggle inside.

Large Bed is (approx) 36 wide" X 30"deep - £45.00 plus p&p (whippet)

Small Bed is (approx) 27" wide" X 30 "deep - £35.00 plus p&p (Italian Greyhound, small dog)

Tunnel Bed

Tunnel bed. For the Whippet who can't quite get the hang of getting in a Sack.

This standard size measures approximately 32" wide by 28" deep. 

It has a removable, reversible pad in the bottom for extra comfort and the support around the edge is removable for washing.

Whippet Size - ( 32 x 28 )  £37.50  + p&p
Large (42" X "28")   £47.50 + p&p

Bedding Fabric


If you don't like any of these you can choose any of the fleece patterns on the fleece page.