How to Order

  1. Choose your item.

  2. Pick a fabric or trim.

  3. Place your order or enquiry using  contact.

Have a look which kind of collar you would like then please look on the Collar trim page at our extensive range of trims to decide what you would like, then use the contact page and tell us the type of collar,ref no of the trim, colour and width of webbing and neck size.  We have always have some ready made ones for sale.

Our Patterned Martingales are made using only the best materials, they normally come lined as standard but you can have them unlined if you prefer. 

Webbing colours available are, Black, Red, Emerald Green, Forest Green, Blue or Silver Grey

Small to medium breeds (1 1/2" webbing) - Price £15 + p&p
Large & Extra large breeds (2" webbing)  - Price £18 + p&p 

We have many beautiful trims to choose from. 


Martingale Collars

Ideal for Sighthounds and other breeds that need a gentle, secure collar. It is designed to tighten when your dog pulls on the lead, preventing her from escaping the collar. The extra width, in conjunction with a control loop, humanely prevents the collar from pinching or choking your pet. 

Embroidered Collars

Embroidered PU Leather martingale collars (2" wide)

I have several designs to embroider on the collars or you can have a name or affix and many different coloured PU leathers to choose from.

These are not adjustable so will need a neck measurement

Small to Med breeds ~ £20 + p&p


1" Clasp Collars

Nickel or Brass Clasp 1" - Room on the clasp to be engraved.
Small and medium Breeds - Price £15 + p&p
Large and Extra large Breeds - Price £18 + p&p

These collars are an excellent replacement for dangly ID discs, the clasp can be engraved for an extra £5.00 with all your details.

Plastic Clasp 1"
Small and medium Breeds - Price £10 + p&p
Large and Extra large Breeds - Price £12.50 + p&p

Softie Collars

Softie Collars. Lined for comfort with polar fleece.
These have limited slip fittings so you need to measure the widest part of the head as well as the neck.
Can be used as a house collar or used for walking.

Any size £12.50 + p&p

Can be made in the colour or patterned fleece of your choice