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This page gives you a quick summary of the items we sell.  

Please see the relevant pages for more information.  

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Ideal for Sighthounds and other breeds that need a gentle, secure collar. It is designed to tighten when your dog pulls on the lead, preventing her from escaping the collar. The extra width , in conjunction with a control loop, humanely prevents the collar from pinching or choking your pet. 




Normally 1" collars with either a plastic or metal clasp.  Can be used as either a walking collar for ceratin breeds or as a house collar


Beautiful Leather collars handcrafted for Collars R Us by a local saddler. Made from quality leather. We are constantly adding to our range.

Prices start from just £12.50


Waterproof Snug Rug

Made from Quilted waterproof fabric which is lined with polar fleece

Available in three different styles:


Fleece Snug Rug

Made from Polar fleece fabric which is lined with another layer of polar fleece

Available in four different styles:

Turned Back Neck Waterproof

Traditional Turned back neck waterproof coats, with a waterproof outer and a lambswool fleece inner.  We always have a variety of colours in stock, please have a look in the shop  If you do want any special colours please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Double Fleece

Dog coats don't have to be plain and boring, make a statement with one of our fun fleeces!!

Choose from any of our patterned  or plain fleeces.

Deluxe Softshell

These are the latest additions to our coat range - New for 2020

Made from softshell fabric which is back with fleece and then an extra lining of polar fleece. These are waterproof, Windproof and ultra warm



Introducing our popular..................'Whippet Pyjamas'

Can be worn as a kennel/house coat or worn on its own out on a cool day or worn under a coat for extra warmth.

Cozy Vest

The original vest. Can be worn on its own or under a coat as an extra layer of warmth


Cozy Sax

Cozy Sax.

For the dog who loves to burrow

Introducing another  of our latest additions to our bedding range. 

The Duvet Filled Cozy Snuggler is a sack type bed with a thick removable duvet in the base. The bed is designed with a pillow at the front for easy access so your dog can nose their way in. 

Snuggle Sax

Tunnel Bed

Tunnel bed. For the whippet who can't quite get the hang of getting in a Sack.

This standard size measures approximately 32" wide by 28" deep. 

It has a removable, reversable pad in the bottom for extra comfort and the support around the edge is removable for washing.

Whippet Size - ( 32 x 28 )  £37.50  + p&p
Large (42" X "28")   £47.50 + p&p

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